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Music Ministry

The mission of the Music Ministry is to represent a music ministry geared toward meeting the needs of the church being spiritually uplifting at all times.  The Music Ministry will assist in encouraging amiable relationshiops among the choirs to produce unity and continuity.

The purpose of the Music Ministry is to stress leadership, dependability, dedication, cooperation and loyalty for persons within the ministry as well as function under the leadership and authority of the church and pastor and to be certain that each choir is composed of individuals in similar stages of discipline and development.

The goals of the Music Ministry are:

  • To assist in the devleopment of our music ministry through workshops, conferences, committees and programs in accordance with the basic policies of the church.
  • To provide a curiculum that provides a relevance to the Biblical readings.
  • To encourage individual leadership development.
  • To provide recreational, spiritual and cultural activites for its members.