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Church School

The mission of the Church School Minisry is to provide a quality teaching ministry designed to provide a knowledge base that is rich in God's word.  Realizing that the church seeks to provide three main functional activities for its constitutency: teaching the Word of God, serving others less fortunate than ourselves and worshiping Jesus Christ, the Church School is committed to enlisting persons in this ministry where they can be led to a more Christ-like life.  Our goal as a Church School is to be an integral change agent in all functional roles of the church.

The purpose of the Church School is to guide and develop individuals to the extent that members are led to a more enriching Christian life (a life that exhibits the love for Christ through one's love for family, church and community).

The goals are:

  • Provide graded clesses for all ages
  • Encourage Scripture memorization and discussion
  • Encourage Bible Study
  • Encourage outreach activity for all members
  • Encourage participation in other church activities