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Christian Education Ministry

The mission of the Christian Education Ministry is to provide a teaching training medium through which persons become aware of God through His self-disclosure, especially His redeeming love as revealed in Jesus Christ and enabled by the Holy Spirit, respond in faith and love and to implement Christian educational processes through workshops, seminars and other training as necessary.

The purpose of the Ministry is to provide leadership development in all outreach ministries designed to enhance spiritual growth and fellowship within the church and to serve as primary sponsor for all special ministries designed to teach, train and equip the church as a body to foster spiritual growth at all levels in the church and community.

The goals of the Board are as follows:

  • Provide assistance in the planning and implementation of training workshops and seminars in First-Aid and CPR application
  • Provide leadership development by making the various organizations of the church aware of annual workshops, clinics, conferences and retreats
  • Provide fellowship through special programs and special days, i.e., Family Emphasis Week, etc.
  • Assist all ministries of the church in their educational endeavors.